Regional data

Regional data describe geographical units and include a wide range of macro statistics such as data on demography, employment, economic development and characteristics of the political system. 

The MacroDataGuide

The MacroDataGuide is an accommodating starting point for researchers and students looking for data on the environment in which individuals reside and behave. The guide will jump-start your data search by providing you with an overview of extant data sources as well as instant insight to their their quality and comparability. Read more

European Election Database

The European Election and Referendum Database is specifically intended to provide election results on a regional level for European countries. The archive cover the period from 1990 until present and publishes results from parliamentary elections, European Parliament elections, presidential elections, as well as EU-related referendums for a total of 35 European countries. Read more

NSD's Regional Database

The database is a complete system for publishing regional data at all regional levels. NSD's Regional Database currently contains more than 300,000 variables covering more than 240 years - and it continues to grow.

In order to gain access to the content of the database, please contact

Open NSDs Regional Database (in Norwegian).

The Ecclesiastical Database

The Ecclesiastical Database contains data from the annual statistics of the parishes based on entries in the parish registers, parish diary records and censuses conducted by parish employees. The annual statistics include information on the number of baptisms, confirmations, enrolments and resignations of Church membership, number of services, congregation numbers, communicant numbers, collection takings, activities for children and teenagers, diaconal and ecumenical work in the parishes etc. Read more (in Norwegian).

Constituency Data

Information from Censuses on constituency level (1950-1996). Read more (in Norwegian).

Nordic Data

About elections, censuses and migrations in the Nordic coutries 1945-1989. Read more (in Norwegian).

Innovation Norway

Financial statistics on enteprises that receive support from Innovation Norway. Read more (in Norwegian).


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