The MacroDataGuide

The MacroDataGuide is an accommodating starting point for researchers and students looking for data on the environment in which individuals reside and behave. The guide will jump-start your data search by providing you with an overview of extant data sources as well as instant insight to their quality and comparability.

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Helps you locate your data

The availability of macro data has improved appreciably over the last couple of decades but locating potential data sources on the web can still be a cumbersome process. The MacroDataGuide provides a shortcut to a wide array of data listed by keywords, or available by a search function.

Provides independent quality assessments

Navigating among the many data sources is time-consuming and requires collecting a great deal of information. The MacroDataGuide offers assessments of the comparability of the different data sets and data sources, as well as links to independent data reviews.

The MacroDataGuide is a tool that has been especially developed by the Norwegian Social Science Data Services to save researchers and students time and energy in their search for high quality social science macro data.

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