EU Related Referendums

In 2005 the Spanish government decided to call for a consultative referendum on the European Constitution for 20 February as part of its foreign policy. The question put to the voters was: "Do you approve the Treaty establishing a Constitution for Europe?". Both the governing Spanish Socialist Workers' Party (PSOE) and the main opposition People's Party (PP) campaigned for a 'Yes' vote. The most important 'No' parties were the United Left (IU) and the radical Catalan nationalist party, ERC, both normally in support of the government. The results of the referendum showed levels of participation of 41.77 percent (the lowest in any election since the restoration of democracy in 1977) of the electorate and the 'Yes' vote reached 77.96 percent of the valid votes.

Referendum on the Ratification of the EU Constitution, 2005. NUTS 2


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